RJB Custom furniture


RJB Custom Furniture is based out of Bridgewater, Massachusetts and is owned and operated by Robert J. Bodendorf.

Robert's interest in woodworking began when he was in high school when he took wood shop courses and built simple projects. Rob also enjoyed watching his father tinker with small projects around the house in his spare time. After graduating high school, Bodendorf started classes at North Bennett Street School in Boston and majored in furniture construction. The experience there helped Rob learn the many aspects of furniture construction and wood working including how to prepare wood for construction, the various grain orientations in different types of wood, hand planing, sanding, creating dove tails, creating mortise and tenon construction and learning how to do complex carvings and inlays.

While at the North Bennett Street School, Bodendorf receives his Associates Degree in Business from Bunker Hill Community College and upon graduating from North Bennett Street School he began working in two different wood shops where he was able to learn new skills and perfect his craft. After spending a few years working in shops, Rob decided to start RJB Custom Furniture in 2001.

At RJB Custom Furniture, we approach each new project with the highest level of personalized service our customers deserve. Often times the customer has an idea of what they are looking for but if not we are happy to make recommendations to our customers based upon general themes that they would like to see. All wood used by RJB Custom Furniture is hand selected resulting in the highest quality, premium boards being used for all our jobs. Pieces are built individually allowing us to give special attention to each project. Significant hand work goes into each project ranging from hand cut dove tails to hand planing and hand carving. 

The very best part of each project is when the finished product is delivered to the customer and the customer smiles and tells us it is exactly what they had in mind!

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